CLEF 2024
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BioASQ - Large-scale Biomedical Semantic Indexing and Question Answering (

CheckThat! - Checkworthiness, Subjectivity, Persuasion, Roles, Authorities and Adversarial Robustness (

ELOQUENT - Shared tasks for evaluation of generative language model quality (

eRisk - Early Risk Detection on the Internet (

EXIST - sEXism Identification in Social neTworks (

iDPP@CLEF - Intelligent Disease Progression Prediction at CLEF (

ImageCLEF - Multimedia Retrieval in CLEF (

JOKER - Automatic Humour Analysis (

LifeCLEF - Species Identification and Prediction (

LongEval - Longitudinal Evaluation of Model Performance (

MonsterCLEF - Monster CLEF (

PAN - Digital Text Forensics and Stylometry (

QuantumCLEF - Quantum CLEF (

SimpleText - Improving Access to Scientific Texts for Everyone (

Touché - Argumentation Systems (

Participation Agreement

  • Participants agree to join the evaluation activities as being organised under this CLEF 2024 edition, from now on the Organizers.
  • Participants agree to use the Corpora and Data made available by CLEF 2024 lab organizers only for the purpose of their participation in the CLEF 2024 activities. Participants agree not to reproduce these Corpora and Data for distribution in any forms or by any means, whether it be for commercial or free distribution.
  • Organisers reserve the right at their sole discretion to revoke any Participant’s access to shared Corpora and Data at any time. Upon request, Participants must immediately (i) cease all use of released Corpora and Data, and (ii) delete and/or return (at Organisers' sole discretion) all or part of the Corpora and Data.
  • Organisers allow Participants to display or publish small excerpts of the Corpora and Data and its properties in a scientific or technical context provided this publication is solely made for the purpose of describing the research. Any such use shall not infringe on the rights of any third parties.
  • Participants agree with the Organisers' data protection policy, available at